North County: Craft Brewery or Commercial Brewery?

What is not to love in North County? We have fantastic indoor and outdoor restaurants, world-renowned parks and shopping districts, high-end health and wellness centers, and a year-long summer breeze. The City in Motion is also home to some great specialty brews.

Modern manufacturing has turned just about everything into a commodity, so variations in quality products (like beer!) both important and easy to distinguish. Bear Roots Brewing Co is a world-class brewery right here in North County, and we’re confident that our beers stand out against any commercialized beer.


Brewing Like The Old Times

People have been brewing beer for thousands of years, dating back to the Babylonians. Most breweries put their own stamp on their beers with a unique taste for each of their brews. Today, companies can make a lot more beer a lot faster, but at what cost to the traditions and varieties of brewmasters’ smaller batches?


The Major Differences

Producing craft beers is an art, while industrialized brewing is about scale and standardization. Here are a few differences to know about:



  • Production


The most notable difference between a craft brewery in contrast with commercial ones is the process of production. Big brand beers sold in the market are created with standardized ingredients and procedures. Often, cheaper ingredients are used in these processes to manage the final beer’s price. Craft breweries select higher quality, more varied ingredients. Here at Bear Roots Brewing Co., we produce smaller batches handcrafted by our master brewers.



  • Appearance, flavor, and aroma


No one needs to become an expert to distinguish between mass-market and craft beers. Crafts brewers vary their brew colors and their beers generally have more varied, more distinguishable builds. Craft brews will have unique aromas with well-defined flavors. Craft beers typically even have more nutrients than their counterparts. Meanwhile, mass-produced beers are marketed to be consumed as cold as possible, perhaps to mask the bland flavor.



  • Temperature


The temperature during fermentation is between 16- 26 degrees celsius or 60-78 degrees Fahrenheit in a craft brewery. Since local craft breweries tend to be small, master brewers can oversee this beer production stage with high-quality control and keen observation. For commercial breweries, the temperature is set to 9-14 degrees celsius or 48-57 degrees, Fahrenheit. 



  • Fermentation


The most important part of beer making is the process of fermentation. There’s no brewing beer without it, and it comes first. When the beer runs out of carbon dioxide after the fermentation, a craft brewery conducts another fermentation, unlike the artificially ingested CO2 in commercial beers. So, if you want natural, you know now what to choose.



  • Experience


When you buy commercial beers, you can only buy a beer copied in a million times. It isn’t what you’d call much of an experience. Craft brews often offer something unique and memorable. Want proof? Visit each type of brewery and tell us about it!


Choose Genuine. Choose Bear Roots Brewing Co.

There is a lot to consider when you think about how you want your beer to be made. Bear Roots Brewing Co. wants you to know that we have been faithful to the taste of our beers ever since we served our first customer. Whether you want to try one of our brews or you want to try your own hand at brewing, we’ll be here for you. Our genuine flavors resemble no other beer created in any brewery in North County nor any commercial brewery. Contact us at (760) 726-4204 or message us through

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