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Bear Roots Brewing Co. was founded on craft beer ideals. We aim to remain distinct, adaptable, and connected to our community. Beer Roots Brewing Co. began in a garage and embraced our love for making exceptional beer.

We focus on more than just creating and delivering outstanding beer. Bear Roots Brewing Co. also choose to keep building on the craft beer revolution that started a few decades back. Here’s why we deliver the best to-go beers in Vista.

The People Behind Bear Roots Brewing Co.

Page, born and bred in the craft center, has witnessed the evolution of the craft scene. On the other hand, Terry loved craft beer after his first taste of a Boston Lager many years back. We’ve constantly valued the importance of the business, so one day, we could establish a brewing company alongside.

Terry started producing beer on a massive scale due to our shared love. We recognized we needed more than a basement after many months and many beers. We have become the well-run corporation you know presently, thanks to a lot of confidence, community support, and willingness to take risks.

Why Bear Roots Brewing Co.

Bear Roots Brewing Company was founded by and for craft brewers. A great passion for brewing craft beer gave birth to the image you witness presently. Three concepts guided the creation of Bear Roots:

  • Brewing Great Beer and Never Compromising on Quality

If you’ve never had a great pint of beer, you may not even be able to distinguish between great and mediocre beer. Good beer has several distinct features that set it apart from the others.

Anybody who’s ever made beer knows it is difficult to craft a quality beer. Brewing beer takes a lot of dedication and work, so making a decent beer is crucial. Bear Roots Brewing Co. takes pleasure in producing Vista’s most excellent to-go beer.

  • Growing the Home Brew Community Locally and Impacting the Brewing Community as a Whole

Most individuals are shocked to learn that a decent beer has a distinct taste. It must feel nice when you drink a glass of excellent beer. The flavor has little to do with how the beer feels. It’s always about the beer’s texture and how it softens on your tongue.

Bear Roots Brewing Co. has consistently crafted high-quality to-go beers that continue to receive excellent feedback from our clients. Thus, the local community loves our crafts.

  • Creating a Support Basis for Local Home Brewers and a Resource for People Interested in the Craft

Creating sustainable communities promotes a strong customer relationship and a great reputation for the brewing company. Craft breweries that contribute to their communities may serve as the glue that binds local companies and individuals together.

Bear Roots Brewing Co. has created a support system for local home brewers and a resource for those interested in the craft. We have turned our business into a haven for new and expert brewers alike.


Bear Roots Brewing Co. has evolved from a local brewery that started in a small garage to a game-changing company that crafts the best to-go beers in Vista. We have revolutionized the craft beer industry and have continued to make waves, especially with our sought-after to-go beers.

Find the Best from the Best

If you are looking to take home a fine-brewed beer, Bear Roots Brewing Co. in Vista should always be on top of your list. We offer a wide range of to-go beers at an affordable price. For more information, please visit our brewery at 135 E Broadway, Vista, CA, 92084, or call us at (760) 726-4204. https://bearrootsbrewing.com/

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