About Bear Roots

Stick To Your Roots

Bear Roots Brewing Co. was created by home brewers for home brewers. A deep rooted love for creating craft beer turned into the vision that you see today. Bear Roots was founded on three principles:

  • Brewing great beer and never compromising on quality.
  • Growing the home brew community locally and impacting the brewing community as a whole.
  • Creating a support basis for local home brewers and a resource for people interested in the craft.
Terry & Page Little

About Bear Roots Brewing Co.

Bear Roots Brewing Co. was developed on the principles of craft beer. It is our mission to stay unique, versatile, and connect with our community. Like our forefathers, we started in a garage and pursued our passion to continue to create remarkable beer. We believe in representing more than developing and serving great beer.

We want to continue to expand on the craft beer generation that began to emerge years ago. Page, born and raised in the craft capital, has had the opportunity of watching the craft culture transpire.

Terry, has had a love of craft beer ever since his first sip of a Boston Lager years ago. Together, we have always had a desire to be a part of the industry and one day open a brewery.

Following our passion, Terry began brewing beer on an epic scale. After several years and multiple brews later, we realized the need for more than just a garage. With much faith and support from family and friends and an entrepreneurial spirit, we are now the family owned business you see today.

We look forward to raising a glass with you. Cheers!