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If drinking beer with friends is one of the things that makes you happy and you are in San Diego, consider visiting the Bear Roots Brewing Co. We offer the top-tier best IPA in San Diego. Here are some things you should know about Indian Pale Ales.

What are Indian Pale Ales?

The origin of Indian pale ales started during British colonial times when sailors wanted to make beer that was easy to preserve during long sailing trips, creating the IPA. One of the main characteristics of Indian pale ale is its fruity citrus and herbal flavors. Indian pales ale bitterness depends on the alcohol levels and a variety of hops used. Some IPAs taste like citrus and fruity flavors, while others taste bitter and strong.

Sometimes people get confused between a pale ale and an IPA. Remember that a Pale Ale has a soft and not-so-bitter taste while IPA has a stronger and hoppier taste.  IPA is bolder than Pale Ales because IPA has a higher alcohol content. Did you know that there are many types of Indian Pale Ales beers? Here are the types of Indian Pale Ales.

Types of IPA you Should Try

  • New England IPA

The New England Indian Pale Ale has more intense fruity flavor and hops. This beer is very hazy, so you can’t see through it. Most New England IPA is fermented to have lower carbonation compared to other beers. You can easily tell if the beer is a New England IPA if it smells fruity and grassy.

  • West Coast IPA

If you like your beer fruity and hoppy, you must try the West Coast Indian Pale Ales. This type of IPA has a fruity and crisp taste that many people like.

  •  British Indian Pale Ales

This type of beer is common in the United States because, compared to other IPA beers, it has a less complex flavor. British Indian Pales are described as hoppy, and it has one note. You can give this a try. If you dislike fruity flavors, this is the one for you.

  • Session Indian Pale Ales

If you want an Indian pale ale with lower alcohol content, this one’s for you! Compared to the west and New England IPA, Session Indian Pale Ales has a 5 percent alcohol content or ABV.

Test your IPA taste buds at Bear Roots Brewing Co. 

Now that you know the different types of Indian Pale Ale, you must find the best place to order. Lucky for you! Here in Bear Roots Brewing Co, we offer the best IPA in San Diego, such as Solsource Session IPA, Hazy Garden of Babylon IPA, New England, San Diego Backout IPA, and more! We offer different Indian Pale Ales so our customers can explore different flavors. We’re not only offering beers but also other products such as stout, wines, flavored beers, etc.

If you want to taste different Indian Pale Ales, don’t hesitate to visit us at our shop at 135 E Broadway, Vista, CA, 92084, or call us at (760) 726-4204. Visit our website to learn more from us!

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