Bear Roots Brewing &  Home Brew Shop

Bear Roots Brewing Co. was developed on the principles of craft beer. It is our mission to stay unique, versatile, and connect with our community. Like our forefathers, we started in a garage and pursued our passion to continue to create remarkable beer.

“Stick To Your Roots”

  • These guys make some killer beers and are some of the radest people you will ever meet. Terry, Nick, Page, the whole crew are the most friendly and helpful group of people I've ever met. They have awesome prices on their homebrew stuff and are very knowledgeable about the craft. If you haven't checked them out yet you definitely should! Highly recommend the Edinburgh Pale Ale by the way!!

    Kevin Stamer
  • The beer is phenomenal! It's fresh, it's unique and there's something for everyone. Staff is friendly and attentive and is more than happy to answer any beer or brewing question you could have. Support your local brewery because they do a damn fine job!

    Lauren Dickinson
  • I was a skeptic at first, but the Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk Stout here is the best. Great atmosphere and Nick was super friendly and knowledgeable, I will absolutely be back!

    Jake Cannon
  • If you haven't met Terry and Paige Little, you're missing out! They have done a great job with the home brew shop. Terry has real passion for brewing. He has the best prices and a call ahead and delivery option. I won't go anywhere else for supplies, now.

    Kellen Sympson
  • Terry is a fantastic host!!! I had every beer on tap. Wow!!! If it sounds good... Get it. If it doesn't get it anyway and you will be surprised!!! Phenomenal!!

    Matt Hessen
  • I absolutely love Bear Roots in Vista. I could drink their Rooted in Nelson IPA every day, I hope they get bigger & bigger. They deserve everyone, far and wide the chance to drink their incredible gift to the North County craft beer scene.

    Steve Walker

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