Brewing Success

Changing The Culture

This is a one-day training and team development session. All sessions include food/drink and you will design, develop and make your own Craft Beer! The structure of the session can be based on your company’s core values and we can tailor the outcome to something that makes sense to each business. During the day we learn about Logistics, Operations, Manufacturing concepts and product viability. Each group is broken into four different areas:
Brand Development
Recipe Development
Final Product, Packaging & Delivery
Brew House Logistics & Prep (rotating)

Package Details

Your Company’s brew day will be focused on fun and letting your staff connect with one another over a pint. Craft Beer is so powerful in breaking down boundaries between people and departments. We want you and your team to enjoy themselves, learn about the craft beer industry and make some quality beer Tax Tiger will be proud to call their own! Since we don’t want the event going to late, the team won’t get through the brew process completely but will design the recipe and branding for your beer along with assisting in the majority of the brew day!

Packages Include

Small Business Outing or Team Building Fun
Management Training (understanding today’s workforce)
Focused Team Dynamics and Development
Employee Morale and Skills Needed to Thrive in Today’s Workforce
Team Building & Leadership Training
Presented by Bear Roots Brewing and CEO Terry Little

Here at Bear Roots we are passionate about people and beer, and also think that Craft Beer is much more dynamic then just beer. It is about our community and investing in the people around us. We believe we can use it as a tool to impact people and small business the same way it has impacted cities and certain economics positively around the nation.

We set out to develop a program designed around team building, leadership and all around fun! We know all too often business struggle to find interesting and dynamic resources to connect with staff and grow positive culture in the work force. This is a team building event your staff will want to attend and we guarantee something they will take back to the workforce in a positive way.

With over 15 years of Management and Leadership Terry Little, Founder and Head Brewer has decided to take his years of knowledge in business acumen, staff development, Entrepreneurship and passion for Craft beer to a whole new level. Join us in design a custom tailored experience for your business today.

Event Information

Total Event Cost = $2,500
Deposit of $1,000 due upon acceptance
Select Days from 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Price per person $100.00 (0-20 people) and $125 for each additional person up to 25 people.
Minimum Price = 20 x $100 = $2,000
Price Breakdown
Administrative Support and staffing
Catered tapas from Feliccia’s Restaurant & Deli
Open bar tab up to $300 (Regular price point after tab closes)
Professional Design and print of beer branding your team comes up with
Ingredients for beer and equipment rental (14 days)
Handling and packaging of final product
10 gallons of beer either kegged or bottled for future event