Newcomer’s Guide to Home Brewing: 5 Simple Beer Styles from the Finest Brewing Supplies in San Diego

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When you are a newbie in the world of homebrewing, creating the best and most popular beer is the first thing you want to make. Some of them have complicated steps, so most beginners tend not to do it. All of the newcomers must start with the basics. Mastering the basic concepts of home brewing will be a great help when you start creating more complex and complicated beer styles in the future. Let the finest brewing supplies in San Diego help you with your journey.

Bear Roots Brewing Co. has the best brewing supplies in San Diego. If you are starting a journey in homebrewing, we are the best place to go. We have all the supplies and recipes you need to create your first ever craft beer. Before we proceed to easy beer styles, let’s find out how to know if the homebrew recipe is easy to do or not.

Traits of Easy Homebrew Recipes

There are many homebrew recipes out there, and finding a beginner-friendly recipe for you to try is hard. You need to analyze the recipe first before you follow it. The first trait you need to know is that it must be easy to salvage since there’s a higher chance of making mistakes as a beginner. Next, it must have a darker color, basic and strong flavor profile, and doesn’t have a second fermentation since it can help you hide imperfection and cut cost. These traits can help you differentiate the easy one from the hard one.

Five Easiest Beers to Home Brew

Now that you know the traits of easy homebrew, let’s find out the easiest beers you can brew as a beginner. The following are the five simple beer styles you can do as a newbie:

American Amber Ale

If you want to experiment with clarifiers and fining agents, American Amber Ale is the best bet for you to start. It is also a good choice if you love to add different additives such as hops or malts. Adding them will not throw off the overall flavor of the beer.

American Brown Ale

If you have to prepare for holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, American Brown Ale is the one to make. It is the perfect time to show off the beer you make to your friends and family. With the American Brown Ale, you can hide multiple mistakes during the process since it is naturally bitter. It also has a dark coloring which makes your mistakes not visible to others.

American Pale Ale

As one of the classic American beers, American Pale Ale is one of the best choices to make if you are a beginner. It has moderately heavy pale ale and when it comes to hop aroma, it has moderate to strong aroma. These are perfect for people who think that drinking stronger flavored ale is tougher to stomach.

American Wheat Ales

If you want faster creation of your beer, choose American Wheat Ales. It doesn’t require secondary fermentation, and it has a hazy or cloudy appearance which can help you cover any mistakes you make during its process. It is perfect to pair with different foods throughout the year.


If you want to use hard tap water instead of distilled or bottled water, Porters is the best choice for you. You can also avoid some muddled flavors since porters are known for having several beers mixed in a mug.  Adding chocolate malt to porters can improve its aroma and flavor.

Start Home Brewing with the Great Brewing Supplies in San Diego

Are you looking for affordable high-quality brewing supplies in San Diego? Look no further because Bear Roots Brewing Co. is the best place to go. We have all your needs in starting your journey in homebrewing. Contact us now at (760) 726-4204 or visit our website at Make your dreams of creating your first-ever beer come true.

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