Make Your Perfect Beer: High-Quality Home Brew Supplies In California

People love drinking beer, but there’s just no beer that serves every taste. Why not craft your own beer to suit your own taste? Brew your ideal home-brew with premium ingredients and supplies from Bear Roots Brewing Co.  

Why Brew From Your Home?

It’s a hobby. It’s an art. Sure. That doesn’t mean it has to be difficult! When you get comfortable home brewing, you’ll always have your favorite beer on hand. That way, the quality of brew is up to you- and so is the cost. Besides, it’s fun!

Things to Consider When Buying Home Brew Supplies

It takes high quality ingredients to achieve a high quality beer. Here are some considerations to keep in mind if you’re getting started as a home brewer: 

  • Base Knowledge

Before you buy anything, it’s a good idea to get a few concepts under your belt. You don’t need to know everything, but some basics will save you time (and money). A good book is a good start, but you can always ask for assistance from other homebrewers, store personnel, and experts.

  • The List

When you’re prepping a batch, make a list of what you need and stick to it. Too often a new brewer will get overwhelmed (or excited!) and miss something they need or get things they don’t end up using. 

  • Buy Wisely

Once you’ve got your list, it’s a good idea to shop around online before you pull the trigger. That way you have a sense for reasonable costs and available promotions before you start spending. Starting this way will make you more comfortable when purchase time comes, whether you buy online or shop in a store. Even with proper planning, knowledge, and a list, first-time brewers will always have a hard time choosing the right supplies. In that moment, it’s often a good idea to go to a local shop with staff to ask questions.

  • Go for longevity

For brewing equipment, keep in mind the quality and the longevity of the equipment you will purchase. Invest in something that will last. For instance, you will need a quality pot that can withstand long hours of boiling. It needs to be easy to clean, and the handle must be sturdy to avoid spilling. Again comparing products online before you set out to purchase can help you make an informed purchase.

  • Quality and Freshness

Again, quality brew depends on quality ingredients. If you over purchase, your ingredients will get old and gross before you can use them. Who wants to make skunk beer with expensive ingredients? Not you! Even fresh ingredients can be subpar- make sure to ask other brewers what they prefer, or ask your local shop to point you to ingredients their customers like. Finally, ingredients should have expiration dates. Check for this on your grain, hops, and above all your yeast! 

Find the Best Home Brew Supplies from Bear Roots Brewing Co.

Are you ready to start home brewing? You are in luck if you live nearby North County because Bear Roots Brewing Co.’s got your back! We offer high-quality beers and home brew supplies that you can find in over 20 stores in different parts of California. To find the nearest store for you, visit our website at

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