What’s in the Menu of The Best Brewery in North County, CA

America has a long love affair with beer. An estimated 40 gallons of beer a year are consumed by one American to which 63% of these drinkers are adults. Needless to say, breweries are everywhere, especially in this part of historic California, where they vie for the title of the best brewery in North County. But these are not your typical industrialized breweries that produce millions of barrels every year. These are craft beer makers who value alcohol craftsmanship as the purest form of art. Bear Roots Brewing Co. has been in the area for beer lovers and is not letting their repeat customers down.

A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

There’s a reason why people love beer in San Diego and why this beer rage has reached across the neighboring counties and states – San Diego is The Craft Beer Capital of America. For centuries, no one could stop the beer-loving folks of this area from creating the best craft beers in full devotion. At some point, production has ceased in most breweries and smaller shops have opened to continue their love for craft beers. A number of breweries have passed on from generation to generation and have stood the test of time. The expertise molded from these centuries makes unique taste and styles of beer that you cannot find in any other part of the state. 


Can I Take Your Order?


Time has always proven the quality of a product, and that is most especially true when it comes to brewing the perfect beer. Tastes, style, volume, among other factors affect a customer’s beer preference. While there might be a full list of beers to choose from on the menu, here is a breakdown of the best beers you can find in the best brewery. 


  • India Pale Ale

This is not to be confused with the beer of the same name, the pale ale. India Pale Ale or commonly called IPA, have numerous styles of beer. They vary among hops and herbal, fruity flavors, and could also be bitter, containing a high alcohol level. IPA also comes in West Coast, British, and New England styles that differ in citrus flavors. New England IPAs are somewhat fruity and low in bitterness while its British counterpart is maltier and even bitter. West Coast IPAs stand in the middle. 


  • Lager

New to craft beers? Lager is the introductory beer for new drinkers, and it’s best if you serve it cold. Its yeast has a lower tolerance to alcohol and could taste light and a bit malty. They also tend to taste less bitter than ales. Colors vary from pale, dark brown, and black, resulting from the specific grain bill used in making the beer. The most common lager is the pale lager, which has worldwide productions. 


  • Pilsner

Pilsners originate from the Czech Republic and fall under the category of a lager beer. The typical German pilsners that Bear Roots Brewing Co. offer in 5.5% ABV are gold in color and have a crisp flavor. On the other hand, Czech pilsners tend to be darker and have a higher taste of bitterness. It’s easy to be confused between a lager and a pilsner. But to differentiate it effectively, all pilsners are lagers, but pilsner is only a lager style.


  • Pale Ale

A pale ale came in first before the India Pale Ale flourished. They are brewed with more hops but carry a lower content of alcohol than the India Pale Ales. Several pale ales come in different styles like the American pale ale, Scotch ale, and the Irish red ale. The American pale ale, which is sold here, comes in 4.5% to 4.7% ABV. The two vary in bitterness and intense herbal flavors.


  • Stout Beer

Stout beer is a dark beer who’s flavors depend on where they come from. Sweet tasting stouts are commonly imported from Ireland and England and have low bitterness. Although dark in color, it isn’t tough to drink because they have a sweetness from unfermented sugars that counterbalance the bitterness. Stouts are also known for being a sweet and roast-like ale, which is kind of like sweetened espresso.

Enjoy the Best Brewery


We gather in breweries for the best hangout experience, while the best beer choice can always add a different flavor to any conversation. Enjoy good times when you cherish it at the best brewery in North County, CA. Here in Bear Roots Brewing, you can choose from dozens of our handcrafted beers. We now offer pickup and delivery service to bring the best beers to your home; just call (760) 726-4204 today to make an order or check our site if you want to learn more. http://bearrootsbrewing.com/ 

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