5 Ways to Enjoy Beer with Friends: Tips from Brewery in San Diego

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In moderation, drinking can have health benefits. Hanging out with friends does too. So, moderate drinking with friends must be really good. Right? Here are a few suggestions for new ways you might share a drink with your friends.

Awesome Ways to Enjoy Beer with Friends:

You love spending time with your buddies, but maybe trivia night is getting old. Try these ideas on for size the next time you go out together: 

  • Beer Tasting

Invite your friends to go on a beer tasting. You all have your favorite beers, but it wouldn’t hurt to find new options. There could be a beer tasting at a brewery tour near you. Beer tastings are a chance to discover several new flavors without drinking too much. Before the day ends, you and your friends might end up finding a new favorite.

  • Relax and bring your friends to the beach

Going to the beach is one of the best ways to get rid of stress. The sounds of the splashing waves, the sun, and the ocean-breeze all combine to make it a relaxing destination.  Alcohol is illegal at many public beaches but there are still some beaches where you can legally drink it. 

  •  Pair your beer with great food

With so many types and flavors of beer,the numbers of food/beer pairings are effectively infinite! As a general rule, lagers are best paired with seafood, chicken and pork while fruity beers match with foods rich in herbs and spices.

  •  Play Drinking Games

TRUE AMERICAN! The “real” rules to the game from New Girl are out there, but there are so many fun ways to play while you drink. Classic drinking games like “Never Have I Ever,” can be a fun way to get to know more about your friends, too. There are probably hundreds of these. 

  • Brew it yourself!

Take matters into your hands. You and your friends might enjoy brewing your own beer. You can visit some breweries like Bear Roots Brewing Co, a brewery in San Diego, for inspiration. After all, crafted beers can be both unique and delicious! 

Drink Responsibly

While you’re having all that fun, remember that if you drink too much you should designate a sober driver, stay where you’re drinking (if it’s someone’s house), or call a cab!  

Get a drink from Bear Roots Brewing Co.

Here at Bear Roots Brewing Co, we brew and serve a variety of specialty beers we’re sure you’ll enjoy! If you’re looking for the best home brew shop in San Diego County, then pay us a visit to taste our best brews and talk shop with our brewing experts. Visit our site to learn more at http://bearrootsbrewing.com  or call (760) 726-4204 for more info.

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