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IPAs are one of the most popular beer styles in any part of the world. They’re often the first craft beers newer beer fans discover. Are you an IPA fan? Come visit Bear Roots Brewing Co. We have the best IPA in San Diego! 

What Exactly is an IPA?

India Pale Ales, commonly called IPAs, really constitute a wide variety of beers sold on the market. There are IPAs that taste of pure citrus while others are strong and bitter. The most notable styles are West Coast IPAs, New England IPAs, and the British IPAs.  

Where to Find the Best IPA in San Diego

An IPA has a distinct tang, but different brewers still offer different flavors. 

Here are some of the most common IPA categories:

  • New England IPA

While definitely discernibly an IPA, a New England IPA has a personality of its own. It is a regional IPA that is cloudy, or hazy, and was made that way purposely. It differs from the common IPA’s dry, light mouthfeel and instead leaves a smooth, velvety feel in the mouth. New England IPAs are brewed with little to no taste of bitterness at the end. It takes advantage of the hops to foster a tropical sweetness.

  • Milkshake IPA 

A newer trend in the IPA is the introduction of the milkshake IPA. It’s a beer brewed with pectin, lactose, or oats to create a fibrous body. The most common key ingredients that give off the distinct flavors come from fruits or non-fermentable sugars. The combination of these ingredients produces a juicier taste and a smoother body. A Milkshake IPA’s aroma matches perfectly with its flavor. Bitterness is apparent but not overwhelming in a milkshake IPA, and there’s also a small but distinct malty presence with fine sweetness. The lactose in the beer gives it a silky, smooth presence in the mouth.

  • Double or Imperial IPA

The Double, or Imperial, IPA carries a distinct, intense flavor of hop bitterness. Its alcohol content is also medium-high to high, with its colors ranging from light golden to light copper. Although this style uses various types of hops, its hop character is extreme with equally compounded alcohol flavors. The ideal characteristic of hops should be lively and fresh without any harshness in quality. The texture must be smooth, less the piercing astringency of the hops.  

  • Hazy IPA

Hazy IPAs are often referred to as “juicy,” at least by those who love them. They come with various distinct fruity tastes ranging from more bitter citrus to sweeter tropical fruits accompanied by a hoppy bitterness. Expect hazy IPAs to have a notably creamy mouthfeel.  

  • American Pale Ale

The citrusy flavor of American hops is what makes the American pale ale stand out. Malts give off biscuity or toasty flavors, and APAs sometimes carry some carmel flavors too. The mouthfeel of the American pale ale is also smooth with high carbonation and a medium-light to medium body. Its appearance will show pale gold to very deep amber. A citrus aroma is common and ranges from a moderate to strong odor. 

Get Your Craft Beer Today

Are you longing for the taste of home-brewed beer? Get the best IPA in San Diego at Bear Roots Brewing Co. You can find our beer list at Give us a call at (760) 726-4204 for more info. 

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