Five Reasons Why Beer is Not Bad For You: A List From The Best Brewery in San Diego

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Beer has been a celebratory beverage for millenia.. But did you know that in moderation it actually has health benefits? When the cereal grains and flavoring agents used in brewing are high quality, natural ones, these are key to providing positive effects to the drinker’s health. At Bear Roots Brewing Co., we brew beer that keeps these benefits without sacrificing our beers’ classic taste.

Too Much Alcohol is Bad

The effects of alcohol begin with the first sip. While a mug of beer isn’t a cause for concern, drinking too much can cause inflammatory damage. Your liver helps break down and remove harmful substances from your body, and alcohol abuse will interfere in this process. Moreover, excessive alcohol will damage your pancreas which controls the sugar level in your body. Pancreatic cancer can lead to complications related to diabetes.

Drink Moderately

 Drinking a couple of beers from time to time isn’t bad at all. Plenty of people have a beer to wind down, for example. Hanging out with friends and drinking a few bottles helps people break away from stress since alcohol has a calming effect. As long as you don’t abuse it, you will enjoy these benefits

  •   Vitamins and minerals

It is not just the classic taste of beer that makes you have another bottle. An interesting fact is that some people even add it to their cooking to add aroma and flavor. According to one study, it contains more B-vitamins and protein than wine. B-vitamins are considered essential nutrients. It also has magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and several minerals beneficial to health, as they aid in the prevention of some diseases. 

  • Relatively low calories & carbohydrates, and zero fat

Yes. Beer contains alcohol but has low levels of calories and carbohydrates per gram. You might have heard that wine has many antioxidants, but so does beer. This is especially true of dark beer which usually contains antioxidants and iron. Both wine and beer are made from natural ingredients but have different nutrients and minerals. It has relatively low calories and carbohydrates, and you can increase good cholesterol in your body by drinking it moderately. 

  • Relaxing

Drinking beer is a common way that people relieve stress after a long, tiring day. It is also an ingredient of socializing for many, and being around other happy people is also good for you. Aside from any nutritional benefits, it relaxes the drinker. Although it’s a bad idea to rely on alcohol to relax you during stressful times, it is not harmful to have a couple of bottles from time to time with your friends as an antidote to a hard day. 

  • It does not cause a beer belly.

According to a study conducted by the researchers at the University College of London, moderate beer intake has almost no connection with a person’s obesity. This is because of the natural ingredients of the product, such as barley. Barley has soluble fiber that can reduce hunger and may even help in weight loss. Aside from this, it also boosts one’s digestion and metabolism. This results in low absorption of fat in the body. This also means that beer intake has a positive contribution to a person’s diet. However, it is smart to be engaged in exercise and other activities if you want to keep your body in shape.

  • Reduces health risks

According to RxList, there is some evidence that drinking alcohol like beer can help in reducing the risk of coronary heart diseases. However, this must be taken in moderation or at least one to two drinks each day. Another surprising fact is that beer can help lower your risk of cancer because of its antioxidants


You can enjoy nutritional benefits from beer as long as you keep consumption moderate. Bear Roots Brewing, the best brewery in North County, leaves you with a friendly reminder to drink alcoholic beverages in moderation. Heavy drinking will have negative effects that more than counter any benefits. Of course you want to eat healthily and exercise to have a healthy body and live a longer life.

Relax this weekend and take a sip of beer with your friends from Bear Roots Brewing Co. Visit our website and check out our hand-crafted beers at, or give us a call at (760) 726-4204.

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