North County: Growlers vs. Beer Bottles

To maintain the quality of your homemade beer, you’ll need to use the right containers. You’ve got choices, after all. Every brewer needs sturdy, reliable bottles such as growlers that keep the flavor of your drinks as extraordinary as when they were first brewed.

When should you use a growler, and when should you use smaller bottles?

Growlers: Through the Years

Customers transported their freshly produced beer from the brewery to the bar in metal buckets called “growler.” These got their name because when carbon dioxide escaped from the beer while it was bouncing around,the carrier could hear air escaping while the beer sloshed around.

Beer manufacturers can now put brew in glassware growlers without risk of rust (which makes for better beer on arrival, since rust taints the taste). Growler produced recently, including those at Bear Roots and Brewing, will keep your beer as fresh as when it was brewed for much longer than an old pail!

The usage of growlers was once prohibited, possibly because children were frequently ordered out to get a bucket of beer for their parents. This raised certain… chain of custody concerns. As a result, several localities outlawed the usage of growlers entirely. The beer growler has more than recovered since.  It is now one of the most common containers for carrying beer from a brewery.

Defining the Advantages: Growlers and Beer Bottles

Let’s have a look at some of the differences between growlers and beer bottles.

  • Growlers hold far more than a standard beer bottle. Like any other filling procedure in home-brewing, preparing beforehand can significantly lower the danger of contaminants.
  • Growlers are good for the environment! While most beers are available in cans or bottles, those are often as likely to hit the trash as a recycling bin. Insulated growlers are an excellent way to solve this problem. These recyclable containers allow you to transfer brews from one location to another while remaining environmentally conscious. You’re not only reducing your use of beer bottles, but you’re also preventing the need for microbreweries from bottling as much of the beer they sell.
  • Growlers offer an essential benefit over beer bottles in that they usually keep the contents fresher than the classic bottle. Because light and air can penetrate through a beer bottle and into the drink, its contents may end up losing quality.
  • A bottle’s lid isn’t airtight, which can often result in beer skunking, a chemical imbalance initiated by exposure to sunlight. When beer is subjected to sunlight, the iso-alpha compounds are degraded. Sulfur-containing proteins interact with the resultant chemicals. A properly sealed brown growler doesn’t have these difficulties. Brown growlers block ninety-eight percent of the sun’s skunking rays!

Final Thoughts

Growlers are ideal for keeping beer that has been fermented and bottle-conditioned and so has a consistent pressure. Customers collect growlers full of beer from their favorite local breweries’ taps.

North County’s Most-Trusted Home Brew Shop

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