San Diego’s Finest: Everything You Need to Know about Growlers

The historical beginning of the name growler is a matter of contention, and we will probably never know for sure, where it came from.. On the other hand, according to legend, Growlers were steel buckets used to bring beer out of a village pub to a man’s house during the last part of the 1800s.

Some attribute the name to the growling noise caused by the pail’s lid due to leaking carbon dioxide, while many others think it was caused by something else. This same theory holds that the growling is caused by either the server or the diner. The server was intended to set the mid bucket with a glass of lager, but the diner requested a pail that contained far more. Those who were unhappy would “growl” about the problem, earning the name.

Different Kinds of Growlers

There are different sorts of growlers. Understanding the distinctions between these several kinds can help you decide which one would be best for your business.

The most usual kind of growler is a glass. One of its advantages is its see-through quality. They’re usually available in transparent and brown glass. Because of this, it is easier to identify how much beer remains since you can see its content. Consequently, the only backlash of a glass growler is its fragileness.

Another type is the stainless growler, preferred since it is simple to handle and hard to shatter if dropped. The frame of a stainless growler is known for its insulation properties, keeping the temperature of the beer wherever you go. It is also highly recommended for hiking and camping. The only disadvantage of a stainless growler is, contrary to the glass type. It is hard to refill because you cannot see the inside.

Advantages of Growlers

Here are some interesting facts about the benefits of using a growler.

  • Easy Way to Carry Beer 

Growlers are very convenient to transport. Regardless of their various forms, many growlers will include a grip that you may use to carry them. They’re not overly hefty, even when packed with beer. Several others can be carried and transported simultaneously. The beer will keep its pristine condition even when carried because they are sealed.

  • Get Your Favorite Drink from a Local Brewery 

One of several biggest perks of having a growler is how you can get beer home straight from the brewery. It varies depending on the brewing company and local restrictions, but one of the most significant advantages of buying a growler is that you may take beer home straight from the beer company. There’s nothing like taking your lager straight from the brewery.

  • It’s a Great Purchase 

Consider it an investment. You can reuse growlers. Also, when effectively managed, they last long, sparing you savings on purchasing a replacement.

  • It is Environment-Friendly

Growlers minimize bottle and can manufacturing since they are recyclable. Even if you recycle cans and bottles, the procedure still produces hazardous emissions. As a result, consumers who use growlers frequently, only require beer glasses, which have a significant environmental impact.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has guided you in your search for the top beer growler. The benefits of utilizing beer growlers exceed its cost. You will never be disappointed in getting a growler since it allows you to enjoy great craft beer wherever you are while also helping small brewers and the planet.

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