San Diego: What Makes Craft Beer on Tap Special?

Beer brewing has exploded in popularity over the last several decades. Thousands of excellent craft beers from brewers worldwide are now available on tap in your favorite bar. It’s usually a better experience to go to your favorite pub for the best craft beer tap in San Diego than get a bottled or canned brew from a restaurant. It’s not just the atmosphere: several elements contribute to beer tasting better when it’s served on tap.

Also, if you’ve ever had the best craft beer on tap in San Diego and subsequently bought a six-pack of it, you may believe it tastes different. It most likely does, for various reasons that we shall discuss below. You may have noticed an intended variation because some brewers have a slightly different formula for their most delicate beer tap.

Here’s the reason why!

Freshness affects flavor, and craft beer from the tap is generally fresher than beer from a bottle or can. Hops, a key element in craft beer, are prone to oxidation, so oxygen may quickly impair the flavor, and it’s a continuous process, so it’ll continue to oxidize the keg once it’s in. This will make old beer taste even worse. When beer is bottled, it is pasteurized, which means it is heated to remove bacteria; this might affect the flavor of your beer. In terms of flavor, heat is a beer’s worst enemy. It requires a colder atmosphere, and pasteurizing it can substantially alter the flavor.

Craft Beer on Tap: At a Glance

Here are a few facts about craft beer and bottled beer.

  • It’s About the Freshness

Beer freshness has a significant influence on the brew’s flavor, which is why beer poured from a keg is likely to be fresher (and tastier) than beer poured from a bottle. Freshness is always vital, but it’s especially critical if you enjoy hoppy beers like pale ales or IPAs. This is because the flavor of hoppier beers deteriorate with age; therefore, the fresher the beer, the better the taste.

  • The Reality on Bottled Beer

Have you ever thought about why most beer bottles are black and just a few are clear? This is a relatively straightforward explanation: it’s all due to light. Beer is ruined when it is exposed to light. When boiled, Hops create iso-alpha acids, which are quickly broken down by light. When these acids are exposed to sunlight, they generate compounds that bond with sulfur-containing proteins, resulting in the chemical that gives beer its skunky smell and unpleasant flavor. Fortunately, beer poured from the tap is kept in a keg, protected from light. Beer maintained in a keg is never exposed to light, so you can enjoy your draught brew with the assurance that it hasn’t been tainted.

Beer is exposed to light while in a bottle, which causes it to react unfavorably. If left out in the sun, it will turn bitter on its own. Brown glass is used to reduce the effects of light exposure, but it will still react if exposed to light for an extended length of time; bottles sitting on brightly lit grocery store shelves are examples of bottles exposed to light for an extended period. Over time, the bottled beer loses its carbonation, enabling air to enter and change the flavor.


It’s important to remember that beer on tap will only taste excellent if your distribution equipment is kept in good working order. Regular maintenance and repair of your draught system are required to guarantee that beers are dispensed at their optimum. We’ll help you manage your system at Bear Roots Brewing Co so that your customers experience excellent satisfaction!

Get the Best Craft Beer on Tap in San Diego!

You may now enjoy your favorite beer straight from the tap in the comfort of your own home, thanks to our home dispense systems. Bear Roots Brewing Co. was founded on craft beer ideals. Our goal is to remain distinct, adaptable, and connected to our community. Visit our website for more!

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