#HandCraftBeerBenefits: Key Benefits of Hand Craft Beer In North County

Return your wine to the cellar and bring out your handcrafted beer instead. Beer lovers in North County should know the list of benefits handcrafted beers have in store for them. Compared to factory produced beer, craft beers are way ahead of the game if we talk about its health benefits. Handcraft beers are made naturally, without the involvement of large equipment. Making craft beers incorporates traditional methods to retain the health components that craft beers can bring to your system, making handcraft beer in North County a significant advantage. 

Is Hand Craft Beer Proven To Be Healthy?

Many studies have supported the health benefits of handcrafted beers. We are not joking when we say that a pint of handcraft beer is better than your favorite red wine. According to Professor Mike McCullough of California’s Polytechnic State University, craft beers contain chemical compounds such as niacin or Vitamin B3 that help to lower bad cholesterol. He also added that craft beers have fewer instances of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Beer also contains ethanol, which also contributes to lowering the risk of cardiovascular illnesses. Abuse of beer intake will have the opposite effect. Beers’ health benefits are usually overlooked due to the harmful lifestyles that sometimes involve beer drinking.  

Healthy Benefits Hand Craft Beers Can Give


  • Helps In Digestion


Expect beer to aid in your tummy health. Beer helps in boosting your digestive power. Regular but moderate consumption of beer can assist in the stimulation of gastric acid secretion. The bitter acids from the beer are found to trigger gastric acid in the stomach, which is a vital component for food digestion. According to a study from the University of Vienna, beer controls the growth of harmful gut bacteria. Beer can also be a digestif, a drink consumed for digestion after a meal. Beer makes the best digestif because of the soluble fibers which are good for blood-sugar and cholesterol levels.

  • Helps In Brain Related Diseases

Shocking right? Many studies support the contribution beer has to reducing risks of dementia and other brain-related diseases. Compounds found in beer hops such as xanthohumol are known to treat various illnesses. This compound slows the approach of conditions related to brain degeneration like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Most doctors recommend drinking natural alcohols like hand craft beer because of the health benefits it can give you later on. 

  • Helps In Kidney Stone Reduction

Beer can both help and worsen the accumulation of kidney stones. Moderate beer intake shows the potential to prevent kidney stones, especially if you drink craft beer. Craft beers have natural and fresh ingredients that help your organ health. Excessive drinking will give the opposite result. Alcohol abuse results in an increased risk for kidney disease. 

  • Helps In Decreasing The Risk Of Diabetes

Do you want to drink beers without the fear of getting high blood sugar? Since hand craft beers are made with natural ingredients, there is less sugar and preservatives that contribute to developing conditions like diabetes. Craft breweries make their beers with fewer fillers and preservatives compared to big breweries who use these for longer shelf life. 

  • Helps Inflammation And An Effective Painkiller

Beer hops have more medicinal properties than you can imagine. The bitter taste from hops helps in healing and blocking inflammation. Beer hops have been a remedy or treatment for years and aids in the improvement of injury recovery and healing process. For the beer’s painkilling properties, a study conducted at the University of Greenwich saw some analgesic effects from the alcohol. The study reveals the participant’s pain ratings showed a decrease when the pain threshold increased slightly. The participant’s blood alcohol levels reached .08%. This gave the researchers the conclusion of the pain-relieving power of alcohol is in par with paracetamols.  

Drink Beer With A Healthy Mindset

Compared to famous manufactured beers, handcrafted beers show more beneficial factors due to its fresh ingredients and natural procedure. But the intake of beer should be moderate to take advantage of its health benefits. 

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