Explore Different Kinds of Beer at the Best Brewery in Vista, CA

Every beer has its own style and unique taste. With so many choices out there, even the most intrepid beer explorers can forget what’s what. Bear Roots Brewing Co is a brewery in Vista, CA, and home to the best brewing supplies and our own brews to boot.

Do you get confused about which beers are which? We’ve laid out the basics for you here:

Classification of Beers

You can classify the beers into two main types: ales and lagers. The primary difference between the two lies in the type of yeast used to ferment the beer. The yeast used in ale ferments at a warm temperature and settles at the top of the beer. In the case of lagers, the yeast used settles at the bottom of the beer, which makes it take longer to ferment.

Types of Beers

From those main basic types of beers: ales and lagers, many types of beer are born. Differentiators include alcohol content, color, and taste. Knowing the difference between them can help you identify what your favorite beers have in common and even help you pick the perfect beer to pair with foods.

Here are the different types of beers:

Brown Ales

Brown ales feature nutty, citrus, caramel, and chocolate flavors. Their color varies from brown to amber. These have a mellow but flavorful taste, perfect to pair with barbeques, red meats, and nutty cheeses. American brown ale tends to taste dry and nutty, while English brown ale tends to be hoppier.

India Pale Ales

India Pale Ales, often called IPAs, are a light color ale with a more bitter, hoppy flavor which makes a lot of brewers add citrus or herbal tones to balance it. IPAs are known to have high alcohol content. If you love fried foods, meats, and fish, then this is the perfect beer for you at dinner time.

Pale Ales

If you love to eat spicy and savory foods, the pale ale is the perfect beer for you. It is the most popular beer style in the whole world due to its low alcohol content. Pale ales feature light malt flavors which sometimes carry a tart aftertaste.To identify a pale ale, look for their characteristic golden to copper colors.


One of the most popular drinks during summer is the pilsner. It has low alcohol content and has a light gold color. Its dry, slightly bitter taste makes it stand out from other lagers. It is the perfect drink to pair with poultry, pork, soft cheeses, and seafood.


Porters are made with roasted brown malts or barley. They usually have coffee, caramel, chocolate, and toffee flavors, which brings both crispr and sweeter flavors. They are known to have roasted flavors and a toasty aroma which makes them perfect for a barbeque, desserts, and smoked foods.

Sour Ales

Sour ales, as the name implies, have a sour flavor that differs them from other ales. The sour flavor is developed by brewing with wild yeast and bacteria which creates high levels of acidity. To make it taste sweet, brewers add fruits and spices. It is perfect to pair it with fruit tarts, seafood, vegetables, and salads.


Stouts are unique beers with a taste of coffee, licorice, molasses, or chocolate. They have thick, creamy heads with a dark color and roasted flavor. Perfect to pair it with desserts, shellfish, and grilled meats.

Wheat Beers

Wheat Beer has tangy and citrusy flavors, which is perfect for salads, seafood, fruit tarts, and vegetables. These often have a hazy body and a smooth texture.

Taste Different Types of Beers at the Best Brewery in Vista, CA

If you are looking for a place to buy brewing supplies and purchase different types of beer, Bear Roots Brewing Co is the answer. As one of the best breweries in Vista, CA, we offer excellent service and delicious beer for our customers to enjoy. You can visit our website at https://bearrootsbrewing.com/ or contact us at (760) 726-4204.

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