Beer or Wine? Best Stout in San Diego

San Diego has the best stout you will love if you are a beer lover or turning into one.

The Best Beers for 2022

Bear Roots Brewing is the go-to place for local beer enthusiasts and customers. If you happen to drop by or be in town, make sure to visit our store and enjoy the best stout San Diego has to offer.

Bear 1 Menu (First Timers, Classic Taps)

First Timers

The Belgian-style Dubbel is usually dark in color. It often has rich smoothness and scents with a taste of chocolate and vanilla. The bitterness of the hops is mild to moderate. You can notice sweet compounds produced by yeast, particularly bananas.

Classic Taps

The Bear Cookie beer has a fluffy brown head and is pitch black and transparent. It has a gentle smell that tastes like caffeine, cocoa, and root beer. The mouthfeel is soft and comfortable, with great carbonation and diverse flavors.

Rooted in Nelson IPA is misty and pale golden yellow in tone, with a creamy whitish bubble top: fruity flavor, sweet, and savory aromas. With a tinge of zesty orange, the luscious flavor is similar to a scent signature. It’s a moderate brew with a cool, refreshing aftertaste and dazzling sparkle.

This luscious, smooth IPA is brewed with strawberries and Belma hops, elevating the flavor and aroma.

Out on the Town (Primary Label Beers)

Primary Label Beers


Iit always helps to have a reliable brewing shop that offers great-tasting beer for everyone to enjoy.

San Diego’s Trusted Brewing Company

Gain access to different quality beers when visiting Bear Roots Brewing in San Diego. Whether you like to taste a flavorful milkshake or a fruity beer, we have it all! See all the latest updates in our beer listing on our website.

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