Bear Roots Brewing Co: San Diego’s Best Beer on Tap

Looking for the best beer on tap in San Diego? We didn’t just find it– we brewed it. Bear Roots Brewing Co. is a San Diego mainstay, with taps on premises, a great selection on tap, and a shop so you can brew your own craft beer too!

What is Craft Beer?

Per, it’s tough to define craft beer since it’s such a subjective, unique experience. However, The Brewer’s Association shed some light on what an American craft brewery is. There are three kinds: small, independent, and brewer. 

What Makes Craft Beer Stand Out?

If you think that craft beer is the same as all other beers, think again. There are many differences between the two. Here are some of them.

  • Craft beer has many colors depending on the brewing process it underwent. On the other hand, regular beer usually has a pale color – most of the time, yellowish color. 
  • Craft beer is handcrafted, hence the name. Brewers personally pick the best ingredients that are specific for whichever flavor they are producing. In comparison, regular beer would usually consist of more inexpensive ingredients to make them marketable.
  • Craft beer is creative and has a sharp, distinct taste. Regular beers taste the same majority of the time.

Beer is no elixir, but in moderation it is not without some health benefits, including reduced risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, heart failure, and osteoporosis.

San Diego’s Best Beer on Tap: What’s on the Menu?

Bear Roots Brewing Co. has, undoubtedly, the best beer on tap in San Diego County. Our brewery was founded by and for homebrewers, and our passion for brewing craft beer gave birth to the brand you see today. 

Looking for a meny of San Diego’s best brews? We’ve got ‘em:

Bear 1 Menu

We’ve divided our selection into three categories to help you find something that suits your taste below. We hope you’ll stop in, try a few, and let us know what you think!

Selection 1: First Timers

  • Strawberry Guava (Fruit Bomb Hard Seltzer) 5% ABV

Enjoy the sweet, fruity flavor, which is followed by a clean, crisp finish. It tastes like a blend of luscious strawberry and sour guava, and it’s so refreshing you won’t want to put it down! 

  • All on Blackberry (Smoothie Hard Seltzer) 5% ABV

A blackberry and passionfruit hard seltzer in the form of a smoothie that you’ll LOVE!

  • Peachy King (IPA – Milkshake) 5.9% ABV

The key to success is to keep your subjects satisfied. Your Majesty has provided plenty of fruit for the occasion, and good people deserve appropriate rewards. A delicious peach aroma stimulates your senses and satisfies all who drink it.

Selection 2: Classic Taps

  • Kolsch 45 4.5% ABV

Kölsch 45 is a distinctive warm fermented brew matured at a cold temperature, similar to most conventional German lagers.

  • Salt Lime with Rome 4.5% ABV

With a hint of lime and salt, Salt Lime with Rome is famously refreshing. This is a fantastic crusher because it’s both tangy and thirst quenching.

  • Moon Indigo (Blueberry Pale Ale – American) 5.1% ABV

Blueberry pale ale with a somewhat sweet, fruity, slightly tangy flavor paired with the scent of dry hops.

  • The Captain’s Orders (Hazy Pale Ale) 5.3% ABV

A one-of-a-kind American pale ale brewed with distinct hops. It carries a fruity scent of mango and orange zest with malty tinges.

  • Solsource (Blood Orange Session IPA) 5.6% ABV

Solsource is an easy-drinking, crushable IPA mixed with the Blood Orange extracts. It has a subtle bitterness that makes it unique. 

  • Bear Cookie (Stout – Milk/Sweet) 6.4% ABV

Its sweetened espresso aroma brings you in, but the consistent lasting flavor keeps you coming back. If you love coffee, this milk stout is for you.

  • Rooted in Nelson IPA (IPA – American) 7.6% ABV

With a tinge of zesty tangerine, this brew’s juicy taste is similar to the scent profile. It’s a medium-bodied beer with a crisp, clean finish.

  • Pineappless Express (IPA – New England) 7.8% ABV

Juicy IPA with Mellon and pineapple notes from massive additions of Vic Secret and Watuka dry hops.

  • The Forager (Raspberry IPA) 8% ABV

The Forager is a fruity, hazy ale with a clean, crisp flavor. 

  • Lu’s Morals (Imperial Hazy IPA) 8.5% ABV

This Imperial Hazy IPA is bold in every way, with booming hops scent.

  • Deep Rooted (IPA – Imperial Double) 8.9% ABV

Imperial Double lives up to its name. Double the taste, (almost) double the strength.

Selection 3: Exclusive Release 

Taut —– Collaboration with Captain Eli for Homebrew Summer New Zealand Pilsner 7% ABV

Taut is great for beer lovers who want a light summer beer to drink with their friends. 

Check out our menu for more of the best on-tap beers in San Diego

Bear Roots Brewing Co. is truly the Best Beer Tap in San Diego

Nothing has changed – it is still our goal to remain distinct, adaptable, and connected to our community. If you want to have a great time with your family, friends, or colleagues, bring them to Bear Roots Brewing Co. and have a good time with some great beer.

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