Brew On Premise

A Unique Brewing Experience

Here at Brew Roots, our goal is to have everybody who walks into our store to have a great experience with good beer and good people. We also, want to create more home brewers so we can share what we love with the community. That’s why we created the Brew on Premise.

Have you been on the fence about taking the dive into brewing beer? Not sure whether the investment will be worth it? That’s okay. Schedule a brew day with us and we’ll help create you a recipe that is uniquely yours or work to recreate a beer you already love! We’ll then teach you step by step how to brew your very own batch of beer and all the ins and outs of the grain, the mash, the boil, and of course, the cleaning.

We want your first beer to be great, but we also want you to experience first-hand, the in depth process of brewing your own beer. Also, if you’re a seasoned brewer and you’ve either run out room to store all your equipment or your wife or husband has finally said you can’t brew in the house anymore because it stinks up the house, schedule a brew day with us. Just rent the equipment and buy your recipe and we’ll leave you alone while you have a pint and brew your beer.

How It Works

The day includes lunch and takes about 6 hours. We design a recipe with you before hand and then plan a brew day. Since we are a licensed brewery the beer we brew is a collaboration with you and will be served on tap (from a legal standpoint it is Bear Roots Beer). This is geared for special events like birthdays and wedding parties.

Part of the brew experience is having a tapping event at our tasting room with you and your friends which can be a closed or public event. Half of the sale of the beer will be donated to a local charity of your choice. Brew days are Saturday and Sunday starting at 8am.

This allows us to provide a one of a kind brew day experience and give back to the community while staying in the boundaries of the Federal and Sate laws. In the pricing includes a 5 gallon keg of beer we make together, you will have a deposit on the keg, like you would from a retailer. This allows you to take the beer home or to an event like you would any other beer on the market.

The Brew Day Experience is $750

  • 1-3 people can attend the brew day
  • Includes Lunch for all members
  • A one on one with a Bear Roots Brewer
  • Follow up brew day release event in our tasting room
  • Half of the sales will be donated to a charity of your choice locally
brew on premise