Exceptional Beer Tours: The Benefits of Visiting A Downtown Vista Tasting Room

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Beer never goes out of style. According to a survey in TheTopTens.com, beer is one of the top ten alcoholic beverages still today. There is keg stand, beer pong beer, sure. But many people drink their beer on a different level. They develop a personal taste. Some others go as far as to brew their own.


Beer enthusiasts are a common sight around Vista, CA–so much so that a beer tourism industry has sprung up. Visiting a brewery can be a lot of fun. Whether you are a big beer lover or just like a brew from time to time, you might enjoy a visit to one of the Vista downtown tasting rooms.


The Importance of Beer Tourism

According to the Brewers Association, over 8,000 breweries are in business around the U.S. The wide variety of brews gives people ideas to brew their own beer. Enthusiasts suddenly turn into businessmen when they consider selling beer from their own taps. The successful ones get to contribute to the economy by doing something they love.


Benefits of Visiting A Brewery

Why visit a brewery?

  • Unique Recipes

Brewers are an experimental sort. Any good brewery will have a variety of unique, quality beers for you to try. You might never go back to commercial brands.

  • Beer in its Best Condition

Breweries with tasting rooms serve their freshest beer to make sure that their guests enjoy the distinct flavors they offer, as opposed to commercial beer that is stocked for a long time and is sometimes shipped in hot containers.

  • Proper Dispensing

Great breweries have high-quality draft systems, which means you get your beer in its best possible condition. These systems require careful balance and maintenance, and that’s not present in all establishments, particularly in many bars and restaurants. This is why their beer tends to lose quality. That’s why good breweries are likely to deliver the best beer.

  • You Will Get to Taste Different Flights of Samples of Beer

A local brewery’s tasting room will offer flights of beer samples. Flights are a great way to try a variety of brews in small quantities so you can find one you like without having to commit to (or waste) beers you like less. 


Bear Roots Brewing Co.

Here at Bear Roots, we love to connect with others who share our passion for brewing. As businesses begin to open, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you our best flavors and even help you learn to brew your own beer. If you are planning to visit us, call (760) 726-4204! Learn more about our Brewery and home-brew shop at BearRootsBrewing.com. We can’t wait to see you!

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